Livelihood and institutional flagship

Focusing on the generation of sustainable employment opportunities for skilled communities and creating awareness among civil society, we provide training, access to funding as well as infrastructural support and knowledge resources.

01Livelihood and institutional flagship


SADAK (South Asian Design, Technology and Arts Kendra) celebrates the spirit of contemporaneity and creative collaboration between the nine countries of South Asia and the rest of the world. It seeks to catalyze the collective capacity of the Sasian region for innovation in the global arts and design industry, tourism and traditional knowledge areas while also benefitting marginalized communities.


Envisioned as a reference and study centre for the preparation of trans-disciplinary projects that further the agenda of the creative and cultural industries (CCI) of South Asia, SALAM is the crystallization of the dream of AHF and her founder trustee, Rajeev Sethi, who has pledged their resources and a core part of a vast collection of arts and antiquities to initiate SALAM. The proposed facility at SALAM is meant to facilitate study on original design-led content for pedagogical purposes in sync with field-based initiatives.

Bhoole Bisre Kalakar

Bhoole Bisre Kalakar Sehkari Samiti is a Co-operative Society registered on 02-12-1978 under the Delhi Coop. Society Act.1972. Since its inception, the 350 member families of the cooperative have initiated several welfare and income-generation programmes meant to improving their social and economic status. In this endeavour, several voluntary agencies and professionals have assisted them. Presently there are 900 artist families, who are squatting at Kathputli Colony, Shadipur Bus Depot for over 30 years, living under extreme conditions of poverty, unsanitary surroundings.


Sarthi - a non-profit, non-religious, non-political voluntary body addressing itself to the basic every day habitat, social, legal, medical, educational and marketing needs of artists and artisans - was formed to help improve the quality of life of India’s numerous craftspersons, weavers, classical musicians and folk performers. One of its main objectives is to help in the evolution of India’s traditional skills without losing their essence... to effect continuity in change.

JIYO ! Live it

An Indigenous Brand An empowering enterprise creating new livelihoods in Creative and Cultural Industries amongst skilled but economically vulnerable communities of India, Jiyo! – a design-led initiative of the Asian Heritage Foundation – signifies the arrival of India’s Swadeshi (Indigenous) Brand for the 21st Century.

...driven by asia's creative skills exploring new paradigms of growth with design led initiatives...