Events and performing arts

We aim to harness the creative capacities of artists and craftsmen by showcasing exhibits, tableux and performances while simultaneously disseminating knowledge about them and their continuing relevance in the contemporary world.

03Events and performing arts

The Hidden River

Conceived and coordinated the workshop and performance of ‘The Hidden River’ for the National Centre for Performing Arts, on the theme ‘the Woman in Us.’

Beggar's Opera

Jiyo’s performative energy is optimized in a processional mode or in a street corner. Live action and a few larger than life props scenographed over a mobile performance area create an unprecedented interface to engage the audience.Shadipur depot, one of the only islands of inherited skills in New Delhi – Tinsel slum, several hundred families of itinerant performers – puppeteers, magicians, acrobats, jugglers, impersonators, balladeers, holding out in a changing world with fire in their bellies. The audience is taken through this journey of death or life in various episodes while the interaction takes place between the performers and the research scholar, through ritual, performance and magic.

Jalsaghar - Revisiting the nautch and mujra

Jalsaghar was a masterpiece created by the internationally renowned Oscar wining film director Satyajit Ray, based on Tarasankar Banerjee's novel of the same name. The film, produced in 1958, had the distinction of bringing to the silver screen leading musicians of the Hindustani classical music genre, such as Ustad Bismillah Khan and Bagum Akhtar.

Sangram aur Azadi

The 150th Anniversary of the first war of Independence 1857. 100 years of Satyagraha and 60 years of freedom for India

Taj Mall - Agra Bazaar Revisited

Taj Mall - Agra Bazaar Revisited is a theatrical event positioning seemingly discordant juxtapositions of the local with the cosmopolitan, tempered by the resurgent aspirations of the South Asian sub-continent. Jostling for attention within a world receding under the duress of economic recession, it’s never- say-die residents move in and out of an imaginary city with its Taj Mahal on a polluted river, finding ways to survive and thrive. This then becomes the theatrical under-pinning of the play

And this too...Aditi, Jodhpur for Smithsonian Institution

A celebration of living with art and craft; exploring rites of passage and the cycle of life. Using two thousand objects, both ancient and contemporary, and forty craftsmen and performing artists, the exhibition transformed museum galleries into sensorial Indian streets and homes, and spilled onto Washington D.C.’s National Mall with a hundred more artists to create the mela.

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