Aimed at finding innovative ways of celebrating the traditional in contemporary design led architecture, we curate and commission art and craft installations at a range of locations.

02Artwork programs

Jaya He ! Mumbai Airport

The Jaya He Museum at T2, Mumbai has set out to evolve an unprecedented public platform repositioning the excellence of India’s arts and crafts with a dynamic interface of her design-led creative enterprises. Evocative scenographies within a uniquely engineered architectural precinct have co-created pride for heritage covering a vast cultural canvas, unleashing imaginative possibilities rooted in the legacy of a nation determined to enhance its rich history. The Museum program highlights the potential of Public-private partnership/collaboration to build a sustainable future for India’s traditional forms creating original content with an edge for global knowledge societies.

Mumbai Hyatt

Commissioned eminent and emerging Indian artists for a series of thematically conceived public art installations at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. These contemporary interpretations evoke the timeless sculpture of Elephanta at the sacred level, and of life in India’s busiest metropolis at the level of the profane.

LMW Headquarters

Eight linked art installations for the courtyards & public spaces of Laxmi Machine Works’ corporate headquarters.

Shah House, Mumbai (1985-1996)

Rajeev Sethi designed and commissioned artists for the home to many branches of the Shah family Designed by Rajeev Sethi, the house of Rajesh and Bansri, Suketu and Czaee, and their mother Jyoti Shah, in Mumbai, was created by more than 500 artisans and artists working together for over a decade. It also celebrated the combined talents of Manjit Bawa, Vivan Sundaram, Nalini Malini and Bhupen Khakhar.

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