Advocacy and publications

Undertaking documentation and evaluation of development strategies for renewal and conservation of art heritage while also articulating the shared concerns of stakeholders in creative enterprises across South Asia.

05Advocacy and publications

Task force for CCI, Planning Commission of India

Cultural Industries are defi ned as those industries which produce tangible or intangible artistic and creative outputs, and which have a potential for wealth creation and income generation through the utilisation of cultural assets and production of knowledge based goods and services (both traditional and contemporary). What cultural industries have in common is that they all use creativity, cultural knowledge and intellectual property to produce products and services with social and cultural meaning.

Global Art Square, Rajasthan

THE GLOBAL ARTS SQUARE would draw on world precedents in urban renewal & conservation. …design interventions in heritage contexts like the historic Piazza del Campo In Sienna or the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy… the Jemaa El Fna Square World Heritage Site in Marrakech… the subterranean extensions to the historic Louvre Palace Museum in Paris…

...driven by asia's creative skills exploring new paradigms of growth with design led initiatives...