Marketing ManagerApply till 14 Nov, 2017

Roles & Responsibility :

1. Researches and analyses a variety of marketing information, including market trends, pricing schedules, competitor offerings, product specifications, and demographic data.
2. Develops new marketing strategies and campaigns based on detailed analysis of market forces.
3. Works with creative teams to come up   with branding ideas, advertising copy, graphic designs, and promotional materials.
4. Tracks marketing strategy results closely and creates detailed reports with data analysis and other feedback.
5. Creativity, Innovative, Independent, Self- Starter, Adaptability, Knowledge of Media Channels and Marketing Strategy, Client Relationships, Research, Critical Thinking, Analysis, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Public Speaking, Writing, Interpersonal Communication, Attention to Detail, Organization, Multi- Tasker.

Required Qualification:

1. Master's Degree in Marketing, Business, or a related Field.
2. 6 to 8 years of experience in related field.

Assistant Procurement Specialist HR & ManagerRecruitment for this post has been closed now.

Roles and Responsibilities :

1. The Procurement Officer will be responsible for coordinating and assisting with sustainable procurement initiatives.
2. Strong negotiation skills.
3. Project and time management ability.
4. A good understanding of contracts.
5. Substantiates applicants skills by administering and scoring tests.
6. Maintains employee information by entering and updating employment and status-change data.

Required Qualification:

1. Proven experience in finance related field.
2. Must've knowledge of MS Office package.
3. Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field and masters in finance.

Technologies and website development consultantApply till 14 Nov 2017

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Directs technological research by studying organization goals, strategies, practices, and user projects.
2. Develop and implement policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development.
3. Completes projects by coordinating resources and timetables with user departments and data centre.
4. Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of information systems and electronic data processing (EDP).
5. Develop and implement policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development.
6. Meet with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines.
7. Control the computer systems budgets and expenditures to ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software.
8. Troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating system.
9. Provide orientation to new users of existing technology and train staff about potential uses of existing technology.
10. Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources.
11.Connect and set up hardware, provide network accounts and passwords as required, monitor security of all technology, Input and maintain IP addresses, make recommendations about purchase of technology resources.
12. Keep a backup copy of all the users to prevent data lose and network systems, register software, official credentials and relevant information.
13. Any other work assigned by the management.

Required Qualification:

The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas...
1.Computer hardware and software systems and Computer viruses and security programs.
2. E-mail and Internet programs.
3. Computer networks, network administration and an understanding of the northern network installation.
4.Computer troubleshooting environment.
5.The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:
i. Management and supervisory skills.
ii. Ability to install and administer computer hardware, software and networks.
iii. Team building skills.
iv. Analytical and problem-solving skills.
v. Decision making skills.
vi. Effective verbal, presentation and listening communications skills.
vii. Effective written communications skills.
viii. Computer skills including the ability to operate computerised accounting, spreadsheet, word-processing, graphics.

Exhibition & Events ConsultantApply till 14 Nov 2017

Roles & Responsibilities :

1. Locating suitable venues.
2. Financial and managerial administration.
3. Marketing and selling exhibition space/stands.
4. Coordinating sponsorship.
5. Advertising and publicising events. 6. Liaising with suppliers and contractors.
7. Writing promotional material/press releases.
8. Overseeing the production advertisement material.
9. Undertaking market research.
10. Implementing and involving high – impact marketing strategies.
11. Content Writing and digital optimization.

Required Qualification:

1. Masters of Journalism & Mass Communication.
2. Certification in digital specialist/strategist.
3. Atleast 8 yrs of related work experience.

Space DesignerApply till 20 Nov 2017

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Develop initial ideas and acquire key information about potential projects, discuss requirements in detail      with clients (the brief) and set project schedules.
2. Source products, e.g. fittings, furniture, lighting, finishes, decoration and dressing, and provide samples.
3. Survey space
4. Scenography of exhibition/events.
5. Supervision of fabrication of installations.
6. Retail spaces interior.
7. Supervise work at the design stage and on-site.
8. Keep up to date with new developments in the design industry.
9. Work in a team with other designers.

Required Qualification:

1. Proven working experience in decorating spaces (consultations, renovations, space planning and new constructions).
2. Expertise in layout, colour, lighting, materials selection, custom furniture and all installations.

Procurement and Finance SpecialistApply till 25 Nov 2017

Required Qualification

1. Graduation in Commerce, business administration or any other professional qualification for the subjected activities.
2. 5 year of working experience in related field.
3. Strong background and experience in grass roots initiatives.

Accountant Marketing Consultant- Apply till 25 Nov 2017

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Documents financial transactions by entering account information.
2. Summarizes financial status by compiling accounting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other statutory reports and accounts.
3. Reconciles financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information.
4. Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options.
5. Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents.
6. Maintains accounting controls by preparing and suggesting policies and procedures.
7. Secures financial information by completing data base backups.
8. Maintains financial security by following internal controls.
9. Complies financial legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements.

Required Qualification

1. A degree, diploma or professional-level qualification in finance. However, proven experience in this field would also be acceptable.
2. Fair knowledge of the relevant provisions of Income Tax Act, TDS, VAT/ GST and other commercial law.
3. Knowledge of working with spreadsheets, sales and purchase ledgers and journals.
4. Proficiency in computer skills and working knowledge of accounting software.
5. Flexible approach to workload and hours of work.
6. Experience of working with minimum supervision and attitude of owning responsibility and accountability.
7. Strong background and experience in coordinating grass roots initiative.
8. Knowledge of data analysis and marketing research.
9. Ability to think strategically and analytically.
10. Ability to write proposals and reports.
11. Ability to travel to project sites.

Research ConsultantApply till 25 Nov 2017

Scope of services and Deliverable :

1. Review literature and desktop research relevant to the project.
2. Coordinating content generation for website, catalogues, overview documents and project proposals.
3. Prepare or assist in preparation of results for reports, publications and / or presentations.
4. Contribute substantial input to development of work plans, research questions, and project concept notes.
5. Other research support functions such as contribute to research study design including their methodology.
6. Perform quality assurance and integration of multiple data streams for research studies.
7. Provide insights into the findings of field research, using substantial local knowledge (political, institutional, cultural, etc.).
8. Contribute case studies, good practice documents and other related reports based on interaction with the target audience in the field, State partners and designers.
9. Collate information in the form of field reports, progress reports, research work and miscellaneous documentation, reporting, monitoring & evaluation activities.
10. Provide support in documentation, proofreading, editing content and other duties as required.
11. Any other work assigned by the Organization.

Junior Merchandising

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Make an inventory of all the merchandise from all products developed during Jiyo I and Jiyo II, update the costs of each item, and assist in preparing a detailed catalog of this merchandise including item details such as dimensions, care instructions, etc.
2. Update the product catalog on a regular basis so that it contains current and accurate information.
3. Assume responsibility for all aspects of order taking – receiving orders from customers, ensuring receipt of advance payment, communicating the order to the concerned clusters, ensuring availability of raw material and artisans to execute the order, making sure that the order is executed accurately in a timely fashion and adheres to the quality criteria specified, ensuring that the artisans are paid upon successful completion of the order.
4. Maintain a line of communication with customers informing them about the order status, including any delays and their cause. 5. Ensure that the finished merchandise is properly packaged such that it does not get damaged and shipped to the customer.
6. Be responsible for in house store keeping and updation of the same and keep in touch with all designer and take stock of new developments / prototypes developed time to time.
7. Address and find solutions for production specific requirements from the nearest possible locations Ensure timely production and delivery of items from Jiyo’s different clusters to its central studio in Delhi and/or specified locations.
8. Prepare inventory for exhibition/shows planned by marketing deptt, , participate in all marketing events in Delhi or outside Delhi.


1. Gather all the data required to create an updated product catalog, and maintain this product catalog.
2. Act as the point person between the customer and the different clusters and ensure that all orders are executed accurately and speedily.
3. Be responsible for the entire order value chain from receipt of order from customer, execution of order by cluster members, to delivery of ordered merchandise to customer.
4. Analyze market trends, and compare against Jiyo’s products to anticipate future product needs.
5. Monitor stock movement, assess what is selling well, what is not selling well, and make adjustments to avoid overproduction or deficit.
6. Oversee a sustainable Quality Control (QC) system in the field and in the Delhi office.

Consultant : Baseline/Diagnostic study of Project

Roles & Responsibilities :

1. Description of methodology to clearly address the criteria and content of the Terms of Reference and may include detail on what additional improvements / best practices the present project can introduce while collecting and computing baseline values for the value chains of the desired stakeholders.
2. Past experience of similar nature of surveys or demonstrated ability to mobilize resources/contacts in Project’s areas to ensure implementation of assignment efficiently and effectively.
3. Samples of previous work including tools/instruments used (can be shown during interview with AHF management) to ascertain capability and capacity of the Consultant to undertake this base line survey.
4. Three references of previous clients where similar work has been conducted. Suggested Table of Contents Detailed CVs of expert(s).
5. The award of a contract should be made to the individual Consultant/consulting firm whose offer has been evaluated and determined through;
Technical Criteria weight [70]
Financial Criteria weight [30]
6. The Consultant/Firms scoring 75% out of the total 70 points will be considered technically qualified and will be further considered for financial evaluation.

Expected Deliverables :

1. Detailed baseline framework/design and implementation plan as agreed by The Asian Heritage Foundation.
2. Updates on progress/ongoing field activities.
3. Plan of survey execution including approach to arrive at baseline figures for data parameters mentioned under the objectives and scope of the study.
4. Data collection approach and Survey tools/questionnaires /outline of semi-structured interviews of stakeholders as accepted and approved by AHF Project Management.
5. A sampling framework.
6. Data collection and field research. Draft baseline report.
7. Power point presentation of findings.
8.Final baseline report.
9. Three hard copies of the final report and a soft copy in CD at AHF office.

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