Marketing ManagerApply from - Nov 09, 2017 to 14 Nov, 2017

Roles & Responsibility :

1. Researches and analyses a variety of marketing information, including market trends, pricing schedules, competitor offerings, product specifications, and demographic data.

2. Develops new marketing strategies and campaigns based on detailed analysis of market forces.

3. Works with creative teams to come up   with branding ideas, advertising copy, graphic designs, and promotional materials.

4. Tracks marketing strategy results closely and creates detailed reports with data analysis and other feedback.

5. Creativity, Innovative, Independent, Self- Starter, Adaptability, Knowledge of Media Channels and Marketing Strategy, Client Relationships, Research, Critical Thinking, Analysis, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Public Speaking, Writing, Interpersonal Communication, Attention to Detail, Organization, Multi- Tasker.

Required Qualification:

1. Master's Degree in Marketing, Business, or a related Field.

2. 6 to 8 years of experience in related field.

Assistant Procurement Specialist HR & ManagerApply from - Nov 09, 2017 to 14 Nov, 2017

Roles and Responsibilities :

1. The Procurement Officer will be responsible for coordinating and assisting with sustainable procurement initiatives.

2. Strong negotiation skills.

3. Project and time management ability.

4. A good understanding of contracts.

5. Substantiates applicants skills by administering and scoring tests.

6. Maintains employee information by entering and updating employment and status-change data.

Required Qualification:

1. Proven experience in finance related field.

2. Must've knowledge of MS Office package.

3. Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field and masters in finance.

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